AGED 0-65 YEARS
    NUMBER OF DAYS 5.000 € PLAN 7.500€ PLAN 10.000€ PLAN
    1-8 12 € 15 € 20 €
    9-15 22 € 29 € 35 €
    16-31 49 € 60 € 70 €
    AGED 66-70 YEARS
    NUMBER OF DAYS 5.000 € PLAN 7.500€ PLAN 10.000€ PLAN
    1-8 36 € 45 € 60 €
    9-15 66 € 87 € 105 €
    16-31 147 € 180 € 210 €


    Medical and inpatient treatment expenses related to Covid-19 are covered within the limits of medical coverage. Expenses of tests to be carried out for diagnosing Covid-19 are excluded. (As an exception, the test expenses of the insured individuals whose Covid-19 tests are positive, shall be covered under Medical Treatment Coverage) Expenses of the cases, which were diagnosed outside the borders of Turkey (presentation of test is required) but have become more serious while travelling in Turkey, shall not be under coverage even in case of emergency. The treatment costs of the insureds, who are Covid-19 positive, are valid only if they are treated in pandemic hospitals. When the insured is definitively diagnosed with Covid- 19 under this coverage, all treatment expenses to be incurred during the period of inpatient treatment shall be paid by the Assistance Company on behalf of SOMPO Sigorta. If the insured is referred to the intensive care unit due to Covid-19, the expenses related to the treatment shall be covered for 10 days even if the term of the policy expires and the coverage of the insured will end at the expire on the 10th day. This condition is valid only for Medical treatment. Such coverage applies only to the Covid-19 disease diagnosed in Turkey. All diagnosis and treatment expenses, except Covid19, are excluded even in case of emergency.


    In the event that the Insured becomes ill due to Covid 19 within the scope of this policy, the Insurance Company shall cover the expenses required for the transfer of the insured to the nearest suitable pandemic hospital via a ground ambulance. A medical report issued by the treating physician is required for the transfer.


    Expenses related to hotel accommodation food and clothing, to be incurred in Turkey if the insured is diagnosed with Covid-19 while travelling in Turkey and thus taken into quarantine, shall be under coverage subject to the total limit of 1.000 Euro. This coverage is limited to a maximum of 14 days in total, including the day of diagnosing Covid-19. It is not under coverage if it is determined that the insured was diagnosed with Covid-19 abroad. Special expenses to be made by the insured are excluded from this coverage.



    If the insured is discharged after positive Covid-19 test under this policy and then quarantined or after treatment at a medical center, the insured will not be able to use the vehicle used for his / her permanent residence. According to the decision of the insurance company, the insurance company will pay the cost of an air ticket for return to permanent residence in economy class, limited to 300 euros, and provide the necessary organization.


    If the Insured dies due to Covid-19 disease within the scope of this policy, the Insurance Company shall organize the transfer of the funeral to the burial place in the Country of Permanent Residence for burial. Funeral ceremony and burial costs are not covered.


    The Insurance Company’s Medical Team provides information about the health problem faced by the Insured. All costs related to this coverage shall be borne by the Insured.


    Upon request of the Insured, the Insurance Company shall ensure that urgent or necessary messages are communicated in relation to the matters covered by all clauses mentioned above.


    The number specified in the end of each page should be called before benefiting from assistance services. Policy shall be deemed invalid and no compensation liability shall arise in case of misstatement.. Services abroad are coordinated by Insurance Company.

    Beneficiary within the scope of the insurance coverage of the travel insurance must be in the place of permanent residence when the policy is issued; otherwise, policy shall be deemed invalid. Policy term starts when insurance holder crosses Turkey border and ends when the insurance holder leaves Turkey. Illnesses (illnesses that continue since the past) that were present before the policy start date are excluded from the cover. Risks arising from all kinds of sports activities and ski are excluded from the cover. All expenses incurred by airline crew during the flight are excluded from the cover. This policy provides the aforementioned cover within the respective limits in accordance with the general and special conditions in booklet and General Conditions of Turkey Travel Health Insurance. The booklet is available at . Statement: I hereby acknowledge that I have provided accurate and complete information during application for this insurance agreement and I have read and accepted the Special Conditions of the insurance agreement that will be drawn up based on this proposal and General Conditions of Travel Health Insurance and/or General Conditions of Individual Accident Insurance on my behalf and on behalf of dependent persons for whom I submitted the application. I hereby declare, agree and covenant that I authorized representatives of Sompo Sigorta A.S. And assistance services provider thereof for obtaining information and documents on all aspects from the relevant doctors, healthcare institutions and other relevant parties in connection with the compensation payments (both in Turkey and outside of Turkey).

    It is an absolute prerequisite for the insured to call 0850 251 80 11 and receive referral instructions in order to benefit from the assistance services. The person who will receive Covid- 19 treatment must first contact the assistance unit and get a provision before starting the treatment. Otherwise SOMPO Sigorta A.Ş. shall not be held responsible for any costs incurred without calling 0850 251 80 11.


    In case any of the aforementioned cover becomes applicable, the amount of compensation limit shall be EUR10000 and limit shall be applied in combination in case payment is made under multiple covers which shall be limited with maximum EUR10000.

    Work travels of the insured who works constantly with mind and hands, bodily or with machines are not covered under the policy.Touristic travels with no vocational purposes of these persons will fall within the scope of the policy.

    This policy provides coverage in Turkish Lira against foreign exchange and in case of a loss, the indemnity is going to be paid in Turkish Lira on the basis of Turkish Republic Cental Bank Exchange Rates of the date of loss.


    I hereby agree and declare that the information given above is complete and correct; the answers and notifications as well as answers given in other applications and forms and the policy to be issued shall constitute the basis of proposed contract; I accept Special Conditions of the insurance contract to be formed by this offer and General Conditions referenced by the Policy; and I hereby authorize clearly and irrevocably Sompo Sigorta A.S. and all hospitals, doctors, employers or other real or public private/legal persons referred to them for requesting, inspecting and providing all information, documents and records to be requested by its insurer, agent, representative and other assistant persons. Your personal data, including your specific health data, may be processed, saved, stored, classified, and updated by Sompo Sigorta in accordance with all applicable laws and honesty rules for the purpose of and limited to fulfillment of the obligations arising from the legislation and the insurance contract, and may be disclosed / transmitted to third parties in the cases permitted by legislation or in limited circumstances for purposes of their processing.  Your personal data, including medical data processed in accordance with the law, in order to make risk measurement and assess compensation claims within the scope of policies and compensation payments by Sompo Sigorta will be able to be disclosed / transmitted to SBM, the company’s recourse lawyers, experts, actuaries, experts, services, medical consultants and other business partners, other insurance companies and reinsurance companies, banks and other third parties due to our various legal obligations. Measures stipulated in the legislation are taken to ensure that  your personal data is kept safe and to prevent that it is used illegally. For more information about our company’s data processing policy, you can review the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy of Sompo Sigorta at

    I hereby agree and declare that I am informed and enlightened about personal data processing activities carried out by Sompo Sigorta A.S. in accordance with Article 10 of Personal Data  Protection Law No. 6698, and that I give my consent with my free will as fully informed by Sompo Sigorta that my personal data, including my specific health data, my insurance records and information and record copies regarding my medical condition are obtained, collected, processed, updated from Insurance Information and Surveillance Center (SBGM), from the Social Security Institution, from the Ministry of Health, from health institutions and organizations, from existing and / or other health insurance companies, from doctors and/or from all public and private institutions and organizations to be determined by relevant legislation and third parties in order to be able to submit health insurance proposal by acting as insured/insurant within the scope of health insurance contract made/to be made with your company, to carry out health risk assessment, to fulfill the obligations under the insurance policy and to be able to conclude the compensation applications as well as they are checked periodically, kept and stored in the database; when necessary, they are shared with relevant public institutions and organizations, third persons and institutions in accordance with the contract and with service provider companies residing in Turkey and abroad and my personal data is kept, stored and processed by them.


    Advance and/or deferred premium payments are made to Head Office, Regional Offices of Sompo Sigorta A.S., bank accounts specified in the policy supplement or to the authorized agency drawing up the policy against slip/ bank receipt.

    Liability of the insurer commences on the payment date of premium or the first instalment. Insurance taker shall go into default in case any instalment subject to amounts and due payment dates specified in the policy are not paid when they become due and payable. Provisions of the Code of Obligations apply in case of default in premium payments. Cover is suspended for a period of fifteen days upon expiry of fifteen-day period following the date of default in case premium is not paid within such period. In case the premium is not paid until expiry of this period, insurance agreement shall be deemed terminated in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 107 of the Code of Obligations without granting any additional time or serving a warning.


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